Tuesday, July 4 2023
10:45 -- 12:45

Room: 1B
Session I: Geometry Processing
Chair: Daniela Giorgi

Inpainting Holes In Folded Fabric Meshes
Guillaume Gisbert, Raphaëlle Chaine and David Coeurjolly

Crossing-Free Paths in the Square Grid
Lidija Comic and Paola Magillo

Exploration of 3D Motorcycle Complexes from Hexahedral Meshes
Erkan Gunpinar, Marco Livesu and Marco Attene

Saliency Detection for Large-Scale Mesh Decimation
Rafael Kuffner dos Anjos, Richard Andrew Roberts, Benjamin Allen, Joaquim Jorge and Ken Anjyo
14:00 - 15:00

Room: 1A+1B
Keynote: Learned Parametric 3D Shape Models
Speaker: Angela Dai (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
Chair: Georges-Pierre Bonneau

Room: 1B
Session II: Scene Understanding
Chair: Amir Vaxman

Analyzing Part Functionality via Multi-modal Latent Space Embedding and Interweaving
Jiahao Cui, Shuai Li, Fei Hou, Aimin Hao and Hong Qin

Lightweight Integration of 3D Features to Improve 2D Image Segmentation
Olivier Pradelle, Raphaëlle Chaine, David Wendland and Julie Digne


Room: 1B
Session III: Meshless and Implicits
Chair: Ergun Akleman

Neural Skeleton: Implicit Neural Representation Away From The Surface
Mattéo Clémot and Julie Digne

Forward Inclusion Functions for Ray-Tracing Implicit Surfaces
Melike Aydinlilar and Cédric Zanni

Meshless Power Diagrams
Yanyang Xiao, Juan Cao, Shaoping Xu and Zhonggui Chen

Learning Neural Implicit Representations with Surface Signal Parameterizations
Yanran Guan, Andrei Chubarau, Ruby Rao and Derek Nowrouzezahrai

Wednesday, July 5 2023

Room: 1B
Session IV: Curves and Surfaces
Chair: Gershon Elber

Discrete Orthogonal Structures
Felix Dellinger, Xinye Li and Hui Wang

Constrained Modeling of Multi-sided Patches
Péter Salvi, Márton Vaitkus and Tamás Várady

A Skinning Technique for Modeling Artistic Disk B-spline Shapes
Kinga Kruppa, Roland Kunkli and Miklós Hoffmann

Curvature Monotonicity Evaluation Functions on Rational Bézier Curves
Takafumi Saito and Norimasa Yoshida

Room: 0B
Session V: Geometry and Matter
Chair: ChiaraEva Catalano

A Modular Approach for Creation of Any Bi-Axial Woven Structure with Congruent tiles
Tolga Yildiz, Ergun Akleman, Matthew Ebert and Vinayak Krishnamurthy

Bending the Light: Next Generation Anamorphic Sculptures
Louis Pratt, Andrew Johnston and Nico Pietroni

Thursday, July 6 2023
9:00 - 10:00

Room: San Salvatore
Keynote: Spatio-Semantic Modeling for Urban Digital Twins
Speaker: Thomas Kolbe (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
Chair: Michela Mortara

Room: 0B
Session VI: Sketch-based CAD and Surface Reconstruction
Chair: Raphaelle Chaines

Automatic 3D CAD Models Reconstruction from 2D Orthographic Drawing
Chao Zhang, Romain Pinquié, Arnaud Polette, Gregorio Carasi, Henri Gautier De Charnace and Jean-Philippe Pernot

Multi-Grid Representation with Field Regularization for Self-Supervised Surface Reconstruction from Point Clouds
Chuan Jin, Tieru Wu and Junsheng Zhou

Contact-conditioned Hand-held Object Reconstruction from Single-view Images
Xiaoyuan Wang, Yang Li, Adnane Boukhayma, Changbo Wang and Marc Christie

An Interactive Sketch-based CAD Interface Realizing Geometrical and Topological Editing Across Multiple Objects Based on Fuzzy Logic
Tomohiko Ito, Teruyoshi Kaneko, Yoshiki Tanaka and Sato Saga

Room: 0B
SMI Awards
Chair: Joaquim Jorge

Chair: Bianca Falcidieno

Chair: Teseo Schneider

Chair: Ergun Akleman

Chair: Joaquim Jorge

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